My first travel book was dedicated to the United Arab Emirates and it is in electronic format only – UAE for Dummies, with Manya the Tourist. You may download at will!

Нощен Дубай

UAE for Dummies – in pdf format

UAE for Dummies – epub format



You’re standing in an elevator. Quite large and quite full of people. No social distance at all; good you all smell the same, of the long wait before you got in. The elevator heads up and quickly accelerates. Your stomach hesitates for a moment whether to descend to your heels, but is quickly distracted by the images that are projected on the walls. They show how you gradually rise between and even above the numerous needles of buildings around. The last spark of the sunset disappears until you get to the 125th floor and when the door of the elevator opens in the large glass hall, the bunches of lights of night Dubai explode in your eyes.

UAE for Dummies