Welcome to another chapter of my Alphabet Destinations. Since the main language of this blog is Bulgarian, so the alphabet we follow is Cyrillic, and so the last letter in the Latin Alphabet comes directly after E. I hope you don’t mind this, as it is the places that matter rather than the letters. So, here I give you my favourite Destinations with Z, with the reminder that this is my personal selection among sites I have visited, and may differ quite from your individual rankings. Here we go.

1. Zagreb, Croatia

Destinations with Z - Zagreb

Zagreb deserves a separate article and one day I will give it to him. It so happened that we passed through it several times on our way to other places. I remembered it with the most delicious mincemeat burek (a type of pastry) I’ve ever tasted. The largest ancient Egyptian collection in Southeast Europe. The incredible fiesta that the finals of the 2018 FIFA World Cup caused, and which we had the honor of capturing. As well as the first museum of illusions I’ve ever been to. We had a lot of fun, and the more Simanas, the better.

Museum of Illusions, Zagreb

2. Zwolle, Netherlands

Destinations with Z - Zwolle

Here I found myself in pursuit of my PhD. Not literally, but I won an Erasmus study trip to the museums in Amsterdam, and it extended to the second of my Destinations with Z. The town of Zwolle is very beautiful, maybe the season helped too, but the walk around the center was extremely pleasant. It wasn’t until later that I remembered that I had been there before, there is a national park nearby with a wonderful visitor center and the unpronounceable name of Hohe Veluwe. I did not miss to reward myself with lots of cheese and other goodies from the local market.

Zwolle market

3. Zelve, Turkey

Destinations with Z - Zelve, Turkey

I have dedicated a whole separate article here to this strange Cappadocia rock village here. For me, it was part of a memorable trip to the Land of the Beautiful Horses (and Sand Chimneys) in central Turkey, coinciding with a Covid-19 lockdown in which the whole of Cappadocia was almost entirely at our disposal. And I don’t regret the lack of hot-air balloons at all. If you have a chance to go there, don’t miss Zelve. And take your time, the former village is set in three rocky valleys, each worth a walk.

The rock village of Zelve

4. Zasele, Bulgaria

Destinations with Z - Zasele, Bulgaria

As you would guess from the name if you were a Slavic speaker, the last of my selected Destinations with Z is a small village. It is located near the towns of Svoge and Lakatnik, above the Iskar gorge in the Balkan Mountains range. This is a place to burn calories on the hills, alternating with gentle relaxation and eating delicious food. Nearby are the Skaklya Waterfall and the Vazov Eco-trail, which offers unforgettable views and very suitable selfie-spots. Access is part of the experience, but the reward awaits at the end of the road.

Above the Iskar Gorge, Zasele