Here we are already on the letter E of my Alphabetical Destinations, which turned out to be more scarce than others, like for instance, B. First, it seemed to me that people apparently refrain from naming their settlements and other important places with that letter. Then I remembered that there were destinations with E, which I had not yet seen – like the German city of Essen or Turkish Elbistan – and these are only the closer ones. I also remembered that I have visited more E-places such as Elena and Edinburgh, of which for some reason I have no pictures. So here, you get a selection of my fav Destinations with E.

1. Elefsina, Greece

Elefsina, Greece

I already wrote about Elefsina in more detail a while ago, but I can’t miss it here because I really liked it. You know that I am an ancient history maniac and I have to honestly admit that all this business with the Holy Way between Athens and the temples in Elefsina, with rituals and secret customs, and all its decorations, has greatly fascinated me. Nowadays, you do not need to walk this route on foot, as the participants in the Elefsinian mysteries did, you can pick up the city bus from Athens.

Favorite Destinations with E - Elefsina

2. Edessa, Greece

Edessa Waterfalls

The second of today’s Destinations with E is also from Greece and is often combined with a visit to Thessaloniki as it is not far away. The main attraction are Edessa’s waterfalls, carrying coolness on warm days, provided you manage to Squeeze in with the numerous other visitors. If you happen to go there, be sure to stroll through the town of Edessa and especially its old quarter. You will like the architecture; the atmosphere is hospitable and pleasant, and the frappe of course there is fantastic.

Favorite Destinations with E - Edessa

3. Elafonissi, Crete, Greece

Elafonissi Lagoon

I did tell you before about the beaches of Crete as well. Everyone has the right to choose their own favorite beach, of course, but Elafonissi Lagoon is definitely special. The water has a turquoise-emerald color and because it is not deep, it warms up quickly and allows bathing in both early spring and late autumn. And the sand is of a special color, which in certain places and at a certain angle looks gentle pink. The beach is huge, which can, in a sense, become a problem, because sometimes it seems that the whole Crete has poured into this one place at the same time.

Favorite Destinations with E - Elafonissi, Crete

4. Ephesus, Turkey

Ephesus Library

Ephesus was part of our first visit to Turkey in 2009. I associate it with the memory of the souvenir seller from Strumica, who decorated us with gifts upon hearing that we are Bulgarians. With the waiters at the restaurants in front of the entrance, who decorated us with free drinks and ice-cream, for the same reason. I also associate it with the heaviest rain that ever poured on me in the middle of an archeological site. The driest place we found (us and another 20 people – an international collection) was ironically, the old central fountain of the city. And Ephesus is Ephesus.

Favorite Destinations with E - Ephesus, Turkey

5. Etara, Gabrovo, Bulgaria


My last favorite Destination with E for today is a national Bulgarian asset. Etara is one of the places where I have the feeling that I have visited countless times – and maybe that’s why I barely found a photo or two of it. I think what I like most is the feeling of peace and timelessness. Which, strangely enough, is never destroyed by other visitors. I also like the aroma – fresh, green, of wet wood when it rains. I like it when I buy a candy chicken and remember my childhood. I also like that every now and then, something new pops up just like that, for example this children’s playground.

Favorite Destinations with E - Etara, Gabrovo

After the favorite Destinations with E, you may be expecting the next letters of the alphabet. See you soon!