Ivan is – no surprise here – a man who loves to travel and has turned this inspiring activity into an integral part of his life. He likes to help others travel too, so he launched his blog Traveller profession and profiles Traveller profession on Facebook and My_profession_is_traveller on Instagram. He is proud that he has already traveled 17% of the world and at the same time happy that he has 83% more to prepare for. I am chatting with him from the social distance of the computer screen, hoping that soon we will all be able to see each other live.


In Tunisia


Ivan, you have already visited 25 countries on 4 continents? Which was the first one, and don’t tell me Bulgaria?

Hello, Simana! First of all, I want to thank you for the opportunity to visit your blog “Manya the Tourist” and for your readers to learn more about me and my travels! I also can’t wait to meet you live!

The first country I visited was Romania when I was 4 years old. My mother, father and I were on vacation in the resort of St. Constantine and Helena – known at that time as Druzhba. And we went on a boat trip to Constanta. I remember very clearly how we traveled by boat and I was climbing the stairs. Then I fell and was caught by one of the sailors on the ship, who had a skin color I had never seen before. I clearly remember him because he was in a white uniform and black – I was seeing such a man for the first time! My parents took me and thanked him, and I asked my mother: “Mom, why is this man all black, and only his palms are white?”. I remember how he started laughing… This is my fondest memory from my first trip abroad.

Traveller profession in Venice

At another sea, the Venetian one – as bright as it can be


Where would you return tomorrow if you had a chance?

There are many places I would return to; I have, after all, the traveller profession. I’d very much like to return to Rome and Istanbul. But if I have to go back to only one of the places I’ve been to, it would be Singapore! For me, this is an amazing garden city, it looks like it is coming   from the future. Everything there is very tidy, beautiful, shiny and expensive! This is not a city for everyone – if you are not used to the splendor and grandeur, you will not like it there. At the same time, as it is a modern and dynamic city, it is also very calm and predisposes you to relax in it. Most of the high skyscrapers and large and quiet parks contrast and coexist very well together. If I ever had to choose where to live, I would choose Singapore.

Ivan and his traveller profession in Singapore

Singapore – a city of the future


Which is the place where you wouldn’t return?

Every place I’ve been to has both its own charm and not so pleasant sides! But this is sometimes the charm of a city or a country. Many of my friends who have been to Cairo say they would never go back there because it is very dirty and people are cheeky. Admittedly, I didn’t like the view of Cairo in some places and it even seemed awful sometimes, but at the same time I was captivated by the spirit of this city and that’s why I liked it! Some describe it as the worst city, and I describe it as the craziest.

Tunisia, Sahara

Amidst Sahara sands, though not exactly in Egypt


Why would people want to read your blog?

When I started making my blog Traveller Profession 1 year ago, I wanted it not to be the typical travel blog, where you write only about your travels and your stories are like a guidebook. I wanted to have everything in the blog and to convey the emotion of the trip itself, so that when someone reads it, s/he can experience it as I have experienced it. I started writing not only about my travels, but also about other travelers like me (by the way, I am glad that Manya the Tourist was my guest), as well as giving useful information about interesting and innovative products and services in the field of tourism. I want to introduce my readers to travel as a way of life and motivate them, if they haven’t done it before – to do it! I really like to see photos of my friends they have taken at places where I have been and I have inspired them to go there. It is very pleasant!

Traveller profession in Thailand

In Thailand


And why would they follow you on social media?

I have 2 profiles in social networks – Traveller Profession on Facebook and My_profession_is_traveller on Instagram, and I can’t hide my joy that I already have over 20,000 followers on Facebook in just a year and a half. Initially, my idea was to upload nice photos of the places I’ve been to. After a while I realized that it is not enough for me just to upload photos, but also that I want to tell about my travels. Then the idea was born to make my own blog so that I could insert a story into the beautiful photos.

2020 was a pretty crazy year for everyone and with the pandemic around COVID-19 our lives have changed a lot – apart from the fact that it is difficult to travel, in every media there is only talk about the crisis and at times it is scary. I want, when someone opens his Facebook and sees one of my photos there, at least for a while to escape from his or her gray everyday life and forget about the problems. Therefore, anyone who wants to touch the beautiful places I’ve been – be it through a photo or a story and especially to get a sip of colorful mood from the problems around us, is welcome in the profiles on social networks and in my blog!

In London

London from above


What are your plans as a professional traveler?

Admittedly, I have a lot of plans on how to develop what I do and I have slowly started working to make them come true! I have a lot of friends who have started similar initiatives – pages on social networks, Youtube channels, writing books, blogs and others of the sort. They look like they are in some sort of contest chasing only the commercial effect, which for me is strange and unnecessary! When I do something, I put all my soul and energy into it and I do it because I like it so much. First – I feel good and escape the daily routine, and second – if I can make even one person happy with what I have published or written, it is enough for me.

I also have a lot of plans – to make a Youtube channel of Traveller Profession, to translate the site into English, to publish a book about my travels, but all in good time! I really want to make an exhibition with my photos from the travels, but this will happen for sure when the whole pandemic is over! Like I said, I’m not in a contest and the important thing is to have fun while I’m writing. If I can achieve something extra – it’s welcome, but that’s not my goal!

Traveller profession in Milan

In Milan


Which question did I not ask you, but you would like to answer?

Who would I like to go on my next trip with? But I will keep the answer a secret. At least for now!


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