I’ve always loved to travel. Some people measure everything in clothes or jewelry or even chairs and tiles if they happen to be building a house, e.g. “That is too expensive! For this money I could have 2 pairs of shoes!” I measure in kilometers or plane tickets, sometimes in overnights and glasses of wine… And I believe that the purpose of life, beyond the basic biological functons and the love and care for your family and friends, is to see as much of this amazing world as possible.

So, every time I get nervous or over-worked, I do not go shopping for a new dress or shoes or lipstick; I sit down and plan my next travel. Sometimes it IS shopping as damn air carriers still do not offer free flights. But basically, I prefer the freedom of going by car everywhere I can. And there is the first element of my joy travel – my car.

The second element is, of course, the place (or places) I am going to spend nights at. I don’t like luxury but I insist on comfort, and I prefer small family-run places in general, except when sleeping itself is an attraction:

Travel to Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

This is a Bedouin camp in the Wadi Rum Desert in Jordan. I am not the tent type but meeting the sunrise in this absolute silence is something not to be missed. Going to the next element of my joy travel, I must mention local food. Everybody needs to eat. But there is a whole universe between simply sustaining your body functions and seeing food as a source of emotion. I prefer local food whenever possible although sometimes it can be dissapointing, like when you discover that local Croatian food on the Adriatic coast is actually Italian. But now that my thoughts went towards former Yugoslavia, I simply have to pay tribute to the Serbian barbecue which is celebrated best at its annual festival in early autumn called Roshtilijada –

Travel to eat!

The fourth obligatory element is my travel Programme. The capital letter is not accidental. I firmly believe that the point of traveling to some place is not sleeping in a nice hotel or guesthouse. I can sleep in my home for no money at all. Next, there is so much of the world and so little opportunity to see it in one lifetime; so you only visit a place once. You must not waste that unique chance and better be well prepared to make the most of it. And this is where the importance of the Programme comes in. Search and read and check as much as possible in advance, and never let complaining chuldren lead you off the target! Nor bad weather now that you mention it.

Travel to the Acropolis, Athens

Last in the list but actually first of importance comes one thing – always travel with someone dear. A partner, relative or friend; the joy of travel is nothing if you don’t share it with someone. Even if that someone does not understand the urgency of skipping lunch in order to enter the House of Livia in the Roman Forum on exactly the booked time, or why on Earth must we stay on Yaliskari Beach in Corfu Island when lightnings are falling around. It is much bigger fun with company, and surely there has to be someone to take photos of you. Just never stop traveling!

The joy of travel must be shared

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